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How To Make Slime

Please welcome your host, the queen of DIY, Suzelle DIY! Today we make something very exciting, SLIME! Watch the video to see how we make the biggest craze of the moment. We have developed a brilliant recipe. Let’s start!

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Slime Recipe!

You will need:
Bostik Art & Craft Glue
Bostik Glitter Glue
Food colouring
Measuring spoons and cups
Some bowls
Pouring jug

Add 1 tsp borax to a pouring jug with 1 cup of boiling water.
Mix and let cool
Add 1 tbsp glue into your bowl
Add 1 ml of food colouring to the bowl
Add 2 ml water to the bowl and stir until the glue becomes runny.
Start adding borax mixture ml by ml while stirring the whole time.
You should see the mixture stiffening as you add the 5th ml
You can pick the mixture up into your hand and start to rub it.
If it’s still sticking to your hands add another ml or 2 of the borax mixture.
There’s it!
Store in an airtight ziplokkie so it doesn’t dry out.
There’s it!

Special thanks to Mr Price Home!

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