, How to Apply Hair Product The RIGHT Way | Hair Tips For Men | Alex Costa, Jane's Corner

How to Apply Hair Product The RIGHT Way | Hair Tips For Men | Alex Costa

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How to Apply Hair Product THE RIGHT Way! Men’s Hairstyle Tips
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Topic of discussion: Did you know all of these tips? Was this video helpful or do you think it was all common sense?

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How do you get a great hairstyle to stay up all day long? Well, it all starts with the way you apply product. You need a good base to make sure that your hair doesn’t fall or move too much during the day – at the same time, you can’t exaggerate it, or your hair will look oily and filled with product. Not cool! So in today’s video I’m going over the right way of applying hair product on men’s hairstyles. Follow these tips to a better hairstyle that will stay up all day long!

– Start with clean, damp hair
– Apply pre-styler for a better hairstyle (tips on how in the video)
– Blowdry (or style)
– Apply finishing product using the same tips found on the video and making sure you get all the way down to the roots to support the hairstyle
– Watch the video to see the rest of the tips 🙂
– Get out there, and look cool af!

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